Thursday, January 12, 2012


We sure did have a Merry Christmas, full of all the regular traditions! We trimmed the tree which we were glad we even found the tree amongst all the boxes from our move!
We were able to make the Christmas cookies, these ones Addi did all by herself! When did she get so grown up?
And then of course Santa found our new house!!

Mom and Dad were spoiled by our mom and dad's!!!

And of course they had to spoil our children as well!
Sure was missing our neighbors!!! But they sent Addi another Harley Shirt which Addi is loving!!
More, more, and more presents, Thank goodness for those Grandparents, they sure make Christmas fun and special!
Trying to pull the kids away from the toys to go to church!
And then what is Christmas without the afternoon naps, snuggling, and a little movie watching!

Even cute little Pierce got to relax and enjoy his new toys!
Hope you all had just as wonderful of a Christmas as we did!


Whitney said...

Aww looks like a fun Christmas! We miss your babies! and you as well. :)

Kristi said...

So fun to see pics of your Christmas day! Can't wait to se you in person and see your new place! Love you all!

Ray and Donna Hamblin said...

Looks like a really Merry Christmas -- wish we could have spent it with you. Christmas is always so much fun with the little kids.
We're getting anxious to plan our trip to see you in Feb. Hope things work out OK.
Love all of you!!!!!!