Thursday, January 12, 2012


We sure did have a Merry Christmas, full of all the regular traditions! We trimmed the tree which we were glad we even found the tree amongst all the boxes from our move!
We were able to make the Christmas cookies, these ones Addi did all by herself! When did she get so grown up?
And then of course Santa found our new house!!

Mom and Dad were spoiled by our mom and dad's!!!

And of course they had to spoil our children as well!
Sure was missing our neighbors!!! But they sent Addi another Harley Shirt which Addi is loving!!
More, more, and more presents, Thank goodness for those Grandparents, they sure make Christmas fun and special!
Trying to pull the kids away from the toys to go to church!
And then what is Christmas without the afternoon naps, snuggling, and a little movie watching!

Even cute little Pierce got to relax and enjoy his new toys!
Hope you all had just as wonderful of a Christmas as we did!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brielle's Birthday!

My cute little Briebers turned two the end of November! It was a fun little birthday that we were able to spend in our new house! Brielle loved opening presents but most of all loved diving in literally head first into that wonderful Cake!
She got an Iphone holder, for her to play games on my Iphone without hurting it, from her Grandma Kristi and Grandpa Brent! She LOVED it i'm pretty sure she thinks that her Grandma bought her, her very own Iphone!!
Her Grandma Terry and Grandpa Rick got her her first Baby Doll and oh how she loved it! She carried it around with her for days and would not put it down she loved the binky and bottle that came with and loved putting her down to bed in her crib!! I can't believe how big she is already!!

Mom and Dad bought her a Playhouse for the yard! since we now have a huge fenced in backyard we wanted the girls to have something to play with in it since they love going out there every day for hours!!
Our little Brielle is so loved! She brings every possible emotion you can think of to our house daily, but we sure love having her in our family, she definately keeps our lives interesting! She has been an amazing big sister and loves to dote on her little brother and she loves playing with, bossing and wrestling her big sister!! She has the energy to power the city and the eyes to melt your heart. We sure love you Briebers!! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


So lately I have been spending more and more for groceries I know it's probably due to my increasingly larger family and a new house so it seems like every time I go to the store I have to pick up something else for the house but even so I'm kinda excited to read this book to see if they offer any new ideas for my shopping to keep my grocery bill down!! Check it out!

Read more: 2012 Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fort Worth Zoo

We took off for a little family time last weekend and took the girls to the zoo. We had soo much fun and the girls were in heaven! Brielle loved all the animals and had no fear whatsoever! The Fort Worth Zoo was amazing one of the best zoo's we have ever been to. They had zebras, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, bears, lions, tigers, gators, cougars, leopards and everything else you can think of! We really enjoyed it and will be going back very soon! We are enjoying Texas so far but since we are still in a hotel we still feel like we are on vacation. We close on our house Monday, finally, and then our stuff will be arriving the Friday after Thanksgiving. We will definitely be excited to finally be settled and moved in!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Of Course once again because of the move our Halloween Festivities had to start early this year! We carved pumpkins last Monday for Family Home Evening. Addi for the first time actually cleaned out her pumpkin, she is always very dainty and doesn't want to get her hands dirty, but we told her if she wanted to carve she had to clean out the inside, so she did it! Addi's is on the far right she knew exactly what she wanted and instructed dad exactly how it should be done to get the perfect face! Our neighbor Adam's pumpkin is next to Addi's and then mine is the far left and Jake's is next to mine!!
We went to the wards party and Trunk or Treat, thankfully they had it early so we were able to go to it before we left! Addi wanted to be Hello Kitty for Halloween and since they didn't have any costumes that I could find we made what we had work and while I was making ears we decided Miss Brie Brie would be a black cat as well, Pierce got a hand-me-down Tigger Costume from Mr. Milo!! They all were sure cute!
So surprised that make-up stayed on Brielle that long!
Cute little girls!!
Best Friends, Addi and Brielle are sure going to miss Isabelle and Anya!

Hello Kitty
Black Cat
The kids were very intrigued with something!! Mr. Milo had a matching skeleton costume as his baby sister Pyper, wish I could have gotten a picture of them together they were so cute!

We had a great Halloween, we are so sad to be leaving all of our great friends, We miss everyone so much already!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Beautiful girl!!

My Baby girl turned five today, She is such a beautiful little girl and although I like to complain that my children never listen to me and are naughty, she really is a very good little girl!! Such a wonderful helper and getting to be so grown up and she never stops talking, I think she believes that she has to voice every little thought that comes into her brain or she might explode, but sometimes the things that come out of her mouth just crack us up!! She has gotten to be so grown up she understands and loves the gospel and tries so hard to share it with others!! She has been going to a Presbyterian preschool and she tells me everyday that she always sings "I Love to see the Temple" and "Follow the Prophet" to her teacher and her friends!! We have lately been trying to teach her the concept of time, she has a hard time grasping that Grandma doesn't come for six more days or that we won't be going to the party until tonight or school doesn't start until morning and so on and so forth!! Jake and I always laugh because, for example we will say "Addi for your birthday we are going to Disney with your friend Isabelle!" and she says "Today?" and I will reply "no, tomorrow", her "tomorrow today", me " no tomorrow in the morning", her "in the morning tomorrow today!" I guess she thinks tomorrow is somewhere in the future and she needs a time limit on it! She loves to help me cook dinner and to clean out the dishwasher (score, I hate cleaning out the dishwasher, I blame my mother, the dishwasher for many years was my job after school!!) We unfortunately are smack dab in the middle of moving to Texas during her birthday so last Thursday we celebrated her birthday, she went to her last day of school and I brought in cupcakes and then when we picked her up from school we took her to Disney World and met her friend Isabelle, it was a lot of fun to be able to go to Disney one last time before we move. We all had a fun time. She simply is just a wonderful little girl, that I love and wouldn't trade for anything in this world!! Happy Birthday my little miss, I love you so much!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Addi's First Day of School

So Addi had her first day of School last Monday! She was soo excited to finally be able to go to school and let me tell you she wasn't the only one!! I was very anxious for her to start as well. We took her to pick out her clothes for school and it was the first time she has ever got to pick things out herself and then go into a dressing room and try it all on and model it for her dad! She had a blast and she picked out her shirt, pants and her shoes. I'm sure it was a fairly warm outfit for Florida, but she just had to wear it! Her Grandma Terry also sent her some new school clothes that she was so excited to wear the rest of the week as well (no pictures of those, sorry, I guess that's what happens when you have three kids!). She loves school and her teacher Miss Stephanie and she says she is meeting lots of new friends although she can't remember any of their names!!

Of course I can't have a post without a few pictures of my other kids! Mr. Pierce is getting so big already!! Look at those chubby cheeks that are forming!! I've never had a chunky baby maybe my Pierce will be the first!!
And of course my ball of Fire!! She screams every morning I drop Addi off at school and she realizes she isn't going too, but when we get home she is in Heaven, she doesn't have to fight to play with her toys, or fight for attention and she loves that she gets out of the house atleast two times a day, once to take Addi to school and once to pick her up. Brielle just loves to go anywhere as long as we are going!!
My cute kids cuddling together before Church!!